Medical Marijuana for Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that is currently ravaging the world. When you read the daily news, there are always statistics about cancer and new revelations on diagnoses or causative agents. While the disease evolves and better medical care for it keeps being realized, an exciting discovery has been the use of medical marijuana in treating cancer symptoms. Marijuana Care Clinic is here to provide you some of the ways medical cannabis can be beneficial to a cancer patient and why they should consider a visit to our medical marijuana clinic.

An alternative pain killer

Opioids, which are the most potent pain killers known to man, are the most recommended types of pain killers for cancer patients. Their effectiveness in dealing with pain that cancer patients experience has been the main reason for their increased popularity. But a visit to a medical marijuana doctor will reveal that medical cannabis works in very much the same way as opioids do. This, therefore, makes them a better alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Additionally, medical marijuana treatments areknown to have anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial to cancer patients in pain.

Relief from neuropathy

Chemotherapy, which is a procedure that many cancer patients are forced to undergo, has a negative effect in that it causes nerve damage. In medical terms, this is called neuropathy. For cancer patients with neuropathy, they generally will feel weak, numb, or burning sensations in their feet and hands. Through the use of medical cannabis, however, patients have been able to get relief from neuropathy and other side effects of chemotherapy procedures.

Vomiting and nausea

If you’ve been around a cancer patient, you may have noticed that they often feel nauseous or might vomit frequently. These are common side effects of chemotherapy procedures. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves Dronabinol as medication to help with vomiting and nausea in cancer patients. Studies, however, have shown that medicinal marijuana can be an effective alternative in treating these symptoms.

What to consider before using medicinal cannabis

After reading through the benefits of cannabis above, you may want to visit the nearest medical marijuana clinic and order some. However, the following items need to be addressed before attempting this.

  • Certification to receive medicinal marijuana – Before you can start using medicinal cannabis, a medical practitioner must qualify you as a patient that is allowed to do so. Visit Marijuana Care Clinic and discuss this option.
  • The legality of medicinal cannabis in your area – Not all states have legalized the use of medicinal cannabis and the operation of medical marijuana clinics. Check your state’s regulations to know if the use of these products is legal in your area.
  • Form to be consumed – Smoking does not work well for everyone, so be sure to explore other options, such as edibles or cannabis-based pills.

Final Thoughts

Medical cannabis is helpful in the treatment of cancer. As more research is conducted, people living with cancer can be more hopeful that a lasting solution will be found when it comes to the use of medical cannabis in the treatment of cancer.