Benefits of Marijuana for Arthritis

Aging is natural and is part of life, but consequences that come with aging can be a painful process. One of the most common aches that occur later in life is arthritis. Multiple kinds of arthritis exist. Unfortunately, there is still no cure, which leaves people with arthritis left to manage the pain the best they can. For this condition, medical marijuana in Orlando is an excellent option for individuals to keep their inflammation under control.

What is Arthritis?

People hear the term “arthritis” all the time, but do they know what the term entails? The word arthritis stems from the word “ortho” which translates into joint and “itis” which means inflammation. People tend to think of arthritis as only being associated with older people; however, arthritis can affect people of all ages including children. Arthritis can become severe and affect any joints including hips, knees, spine, or non-weight-bearing joints like fingers or eyebrows.

How Can Cannabis Help With Arthritis?

Cannabis has shown us that it contains chemical properties called cannabinoids, which activate the endocannabinoid system, a complicated network of cell receptors and molecules that help regulate everything in your body from mood, sleep, appetite, motor control, and immunity.

The cannabinoids that exist in medical marijuana have potent anti-inflammatory agents that can regulate inflammation. Out of the hundreds of cannabinoids, many of them are known to alleviate pain and swelling. Marijuana can also be useful by itself or in conjunction with opioid-based painkillers. Evidence has suggested that cannabinoids can potentiate the effects of opioids, improving and extending their efficacy, while allowing people to reduce their intake of opioids.

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Marijuana Leaf

Also, CBD, one of the primary ingredients in marijuana can alleviate morning stiffness, reduce inflammation, and improve a person’s mobility. Whenever CBD gets metabolized, it creates an anti-inflammatory compound that produces the same effects as pharmaceutical drugs such as gout, without the side effects.

Furthermore, medical marijuana can benefit you in three specific ways:

Analgesic effects – Marijuana creates effects in a way that is similar, but in a safer manner than opioids. Moreover, research has shown that cannabis decreases pain intensity and sensitivity while increasing pain tolerance.

Antinociceptive effects – Marijuana is known to block pain sensation in a multitude of ways to various inhibitory pathways throughout the body that influence nociception and pain.

Anti-inflammatory and autoimmune actions – There has been evidence that anti-inflammatory and autoimmune effects of marijuana can be useful not just for managing arthritis but treating the underlying causes of arthritis.

If you have arthritis and are new to exploring the effects of medical marijuana, know that cannabis is a natural, affordable alternative to the traditional medicines commonly used for arthritis. People who have been afflicted with this condition have been more inclined to use medical marijuana to relieve their symptoms. Patients who have been treated with medical marijuana have experienced positive results, including less pain, reduced use of other synthetic drugs, and improved movement in their joints thanks to the benefits of medical marijuana.